Board of Directors

Dan Yopp
Phone: 719-495-8770
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Committees: Maintenance
Member At Large:
Jeanne Burdett
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Committees: By-Laws/Education, Stalls/Rentals
Vice President:
Loren Lanckriet
Phone: 719-339-9752
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Committees: Scholarship, Trails
Member At Large:
Ginny Vinson
Phone: 719-495-1765
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Committees: Parades
Cindy Few
Phone: 719-683-3262
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Committees: Membership, Parties and Dances
Member At Large:
Cindy Williams
Phone: 719-438-5907
Email: Cindy

Committees: Media, Royalty
Rosie Mitchell
Phone: 719-347-3211
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Committees: Gymkhana's
Member At Large:
Chris Sarah
Phone: 719-433-0399
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Committees: Concessions, Scrapbook/History
  Youth Group Lead
Lisa Anderson
Phone: 719-749-1234
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