Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Information

What is Kit Carson Riding Club's Mission Statement?

Kit Carson Riding Club cultivates a strong sense of community and provides a welcoming environment for riders of all abilities. KCRC advocates for affordability and offers a wide range of activities to promote a life with horses and preserve our long-standing western heritage.

Where can I get more info on your club?

Please visit the KCRC webpage: Kit Carson Riding Club Homepage

Do you have a Facebook page?

Yes! You can find us here: KCRC on Facebook. Just remember to answer all of the membership questions!

Where is your calendar of events?

The club calendar is up to date: KCRC Calendar

Where can I find information on the current Board of Directors?

Please join us for our annual board pancake breakfast (stay tuned to the calendar—it’s usually early in the spring) and visit the KCRC Board of Directors.

How can I contact a member of the Board of Directors?

Email or use the contact info here KCRC Board of Directors to reach a specific board member. Board member phone numbers are also listed in the “Snubbin’ Post.”

Membership Info

How much does a membership cost?

We offer both individual and family memberships. For updated membership fees, visit our website: KCRC Memberships.

For returning members, how much are renewal fees, and when are they due?

Renewals open in mid-August and are due by 31 Oct of every year. Check the website for renewal fees and renewal forms: KCRC Memberships.

How many members are allowed to join Kit Carson Riding Club?

There is no cap on memberships, but the first 100 renewals received each year will become “voting members.” All other members will be categorized as “associate members” and will have the same benefits with the exception of voting rights.

When are the membership meetings?

Monthly membership meetings are a great way to stay “in the know” about club and committee happenings. They are held at 7:15pm on the 3rd Thursday of each month with a dessert potluck starting at 6:45 pm. Check the KCRC calendar to confirm dates/times.

Are non-members allowed on club grounds?

Non-members are only allowed on club property when there is a public event (e.g., gymkhanas). Check the club calendar for all events (all events are labeled as public or member-only events).

How do I become "Member of the Month" or "Member of the Year"?

Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer! As a volunteer-run organization, there is no shortage of opportunities to share your time and talents to help run the club and its events.


What events does your club have?

We have a huge variety of events for our members: trail rides, clinics, gymkhana, obstacle series, parades, parties/dances and overnight camping. Check our KCRC Calendar for a comprehensive listing of all events!

How do I stay informed about club events?

KCRC’s “Snubbin’ Post,” is a monthly electronic newsletter that’s full of info about club happenings. Make sure to add “” to your contacts so you receive this great newsletter! If you prefer to have a hard copy mailed to you, please reach out to any board member. Monthly membership meetings, held the 3rd Thursday of every month are also a great way to hear what the club is up to.

If I've never tried a certain event, am I still welcome to participate?

As our mission statement reads, KCRC provides a welcoming environment for ALL abilities and we sincerely mean it. When trying something new, you’ll find people at KCRC to be some of the most understanding, accepting, and encouraging people in our horse community.

Can I rent the clubhouse for a private event?

Yes! Members can rent the clubhouse to use for private events (e.g., weddings, graduations). Reach out to a board member for more info.

I am not a horse rider but can I come and watch events?

 YES! All public events are open to anyone and FREE to attend! We encourage the public to come in and watch all our competitions. As part of our mission statement, we are trying to preserve our long-lasting western heritage; what better way to do this than to introduce the next generation to horses!

Facilities Info

Do you offer horse boarding?

Yes! We have 10 stalls with runs and offer self-care boarding. Please reach out to any board member to ask for current pricing and vacancies.

What amenities does your club have?

Members have permission to use the outdoor facilities at any time. We have two large outdoor arenas, a round pen and an obstacle course.

Can my trainer give me lessons at the club?

No. KCRC insurance does not cover this and non-members are not allowed on club grounds unless there is a public event. Of note: if the trainer is an active KCRC member, per IRS non-profit rules, no member can profit from the club facilities.

Can I bring my child and have them ride a member's horse?

All horses are privately-owned and KCRC does not provide rides or lessons. If you are a non-member wanting to ride a member’s horse, that is only allowed during public events (see the calendar for events that are open to the public) and with the horse owner’s permission.

Additional Info

Who are the KCRC Royalty, and what do they do?

KCRC Queen, Queen’s Aide, and Princess represent KCRC at many events throughout the year, including parades, rodeos, clinics. Current-year royalty can be found here: KCRC Royalty

How do I contact the KCRC Royalty chair?
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What if I have a question that hasn't been answered here?

Please reach out to a board member with any questions!